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Product Overview

If you need a reliable and portable high-capacity dehumidifier, the Phoenix D850 is an ideal medium-capacity desiccant dehumidifier. An included remote humidistat and blower speed control allow you to tailor this versatile dehumidifier to any project.

With an 850 CFM blower and the ability to remove up to 370 pints of damaging moisture per day (AHAM), this compact model will work just about anywhere.


Proudly Made in America

A stainless steel exterior and quality internal parts mean years of use from this Phoenix D850 Desiccant Dehumidifier. It’s also proudly made in America.

Compact and Available for Vertically or Horizontal Use

Its compact design (20 x 41 x 23.25 inches), handle and large wheels also mean you can bring it to any job. Its unique configurable design makes it ideal for low-clearance crawl spaces and other tight spaces. Use it horizontally or vertically.

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